Medicine International Courier Service from India

send medicine couriers from india

Are you searching for a reliable Medicine International Courier Service? ShipMeds specializes in shipping medicines from India to
all countries including but not limited to the UAE, UK
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and USA

Share the destination country and medicine details with ShipMeds on WhatsApp or email at

medicine international courier

Estimated International Medicines Courier Charges up to 0.5 KG to 2 KG for any Country

ShipMeds Medicine Courier Charges from India as of August 2023

Medicine Weight
Tentative Delivery Time
Medicine Courier Charges (INR)
0.5 KG
3-7 Days
Rs. 3750
1 KG
3-7 Days
Rs. 4950

Avail ShipMeds service to send medicinal items internationally
to over 200+ countries

Documentation required for sending medicines from India

  1. Sender and Consignee Address
  2. KYC Proofs of the sender
  3. Valid Doctor Prescription (we can help you with this)
  4. Medicine Purchase Bill (we can help you with this)

Which medicines can be sent from India?

Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, temperature controlled or any other Medicines can be sent via Ship Meds International Courier

Why Use ShipMeds for International Medicine Courier Delivery?

ShipMeds has the expertise to deliver medicines and healthcare products safely, securely, and easily to people residing abroad. We also ensure safety standards for the supply of temperature controlled drugs. 

Book Now and We help you with everything for Medicine Shipping from India to Overseas. We have tie-ups with various leading Logistic brands such DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Aramex to ensure the fastest and reliable Medicine delivery from India to anywhere in  the world

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How are international medicine courier charges calculated?

International medicine courier charges are typically calculated based on factors such as the destination country, package weight, dimensions, shipping speed (express or standard), courier network, and any additional services required (e.g., insurance, tracking, special handling)

Are international medicine courier charges the same for all countries?

No, international medicine courier charges can vary based on the destination country. Some countries may have higher shipping costs due to distance, customs regulations, or other factors.

Can I get an estimate of the medicine courier charges before shipping?

Yes, certainly. Share the destination country and medicine details with ShipMeds on WhatsApp or email at

medicine international courier

Are there any additional fees apart from the basic courier charges?

Yes, there might be additional fees, such as customs duties, taxes, or handling fees imposed by the destination country. It's essential to consider these potential costs when calculating the total expense of shipping medicines internationally. ShipMeds will inform you these costs in advance

Can I compare medicine courier charges from different companies like DHL and FedEx?

Yes, you can compare courier charges from different companies to find the most cost-effective option for your needs. It's essential to consider not only the charges but also the reliability, speed, and services offered by the courier. ShipMeds will guide you with the best international courier service provider

Can I track the shipment after paying the courier charges?

Most reputable courier companies provide tracking services. Once you've paid the courier charges, you'll receive a tracking number that allows you to monitor the shipment's progress online.

Are there restrictions on the type of medicines I can ship due to courier charges?

Courier charges may not directly impact the type of medicines you can ship, but you should be aware of any restrictions related to the destination country's customs regulations or the courier's policies.

Share the destination country and medicine details with ShipMeds on WhatsApp or email at

medicine international courier