Send medicines from India to Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hobart, or any other part in Australia

The following guide explains the complete process of sending medicine from India to the Australia.

Get Medicines to Australia from India​

It might seem a bit complicated, but just follow the steps carefully to
make sure the medicines are allowed and can be shipped internationally to Australia

Medicine Courier Charges from India to Australia

Efficient and Affordable Medicine Shipping from India to the Australia

Medicine Courier Charges from India to Australia

Medicine Weight
Delivery Time
Pickup Cost
Total Charges​
0.5 kg
2-5 Days
 ₹   4,100
1 kg
2-5 Days
 ₹   5,300
1.5 kg
2-5 Days
 ₹   6,100
2 kg
2-5 Days
 ₹   7,200

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Documents Required For Sending Medicine to Australia

  • Sender's KYC
  • Receiver's KYC
  • Doctor's Prescription and Bill (We can help you with this)
  • The remaining documentation will be done by ShipMeds experts for easy customs clearance

Top Cities where ShipMeds frequently sends medicines in Australia

  1. Sydney: The largest city in Australia, known for its iconic Sydney Opera House, beautiful harbor, and vibrant cultural scene.

  2. Melbourne: Often considered the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is known for its arts, music, and sports events.

  3. Brisbane: Located in Queensland, Brisbane is known for its pleasant climate and is a hub for business and outdoor activities.

  4. Perth: The capital of Western Australia, known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor lifestyle.

  5. Adelaide: The capital of South Australia, known for its wine regions, festivals, and historic architecture.

  6. Gold Coast: Famous for its stunning beaches, theme parks, and entertainment options, it's a major tourist destination.

  7. Canberra: The capital city of Australia, known for its political significance and as a hub for government institutions.

  8. Newcastle: Located in New South Wales, it's a major regional city with a strong industrial and maritime history.

  9. Wollongong: Also in New South Wales, known for its beautiful coastline and proximity to Sydney.

  10. Hobart: The capital of Tasmania, known for its natural beauty and historic sites.

Frequently Asked Questions for Shipping Medicines to Australia from India

Can I send medicines to Australia via international courier services?

Yes, you can use international courier services to send medicines to
Australia. However, there are important regulations and guidelines to follow, including customs declarations and compliance with import regulations.

ShipMeds is an expert in sending medications to Australia, by providing 100% delivery guarantee

What types of medicines can be sent to Australia?

Certain prescription and over-the-counter medicines are allowed to be imported into Australia. It's crucial to check the specific regulations for the type of medicine you intend to send, as some medicines may require special permissions or approvals from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

ShipMeds is sending medicines to Australia since a decade and has extensive experience in what kinds of medications can be shipped to Australia by completely adhering to the rules and regulations in Australia

Do I need a prescription to send medicines to Australia?

For prescription medicines, a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional is usually required

What documents should I include with the package?

It's essential to include a detailed list of the medicines being sent, along with the prescription (if applicable), a letter explaining the purpose of the medicines, and any other relevant medical documentation.

ShipMeds will do the complete documentation for you, you need not worry :)

Are there import duties or taxes for medicines sent to Australia?

Import duties, taxes, and fees may apply to medicines sent to Australia

How do I ensure that the medicines are properly packaged for shipping?

Proper packaging is crucial to prevent damage during transit. Use a sturdy box, cushioning materials, and ensure that the medicines are securely packed. Include clear labeling with details of the contents, dosage, and any necessary prescription information.

ShipMeds has an expert team of packaging your medicines. You will get a picture from the operations team before your parcel is dispatched

Is it necessary to declare the value of the medicines being sent?

Yes, you should accurately declare the value of the medicines on the customs declaration forms. This information is essential for customs purposes.

Can I track the shipment of medicines to Australia?

ShipMeds provides live tracking for medicines shipment

This allows you to monitor the progress of the package and provide the recipient with tracking information

Are there any restrictions on the quantity of medicines I can send?

Some restrictions may apply to the quantity of medicines that can be sent. Don't exceed the medicine supply of over 90 days

What should I do if I'm unsure about the process?

If you're uncertain about any aspect of the process, consider consulting ShipMeds team as it has immense experience with international shipments and can provide guidance based on the latest regulations.

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