Hello and welcome to ShipMeds.in!

These terms and conditions outline the guidelines for using the ShipMeds website, which can be found at https://shipmeds.in.

It is presumed that by accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions on this page, please do not use shipmeds.in.

Liability for Shipments: For parcels containing drugs, ShipMeds is liable up to INR 2500 for shipments sent by carriers, and up to INR 1500 for shipments sent by Self Networks

Charges are calculated as follows:

The ultimate bill you'll receive will be based on the greater of the actual or volumetric weight.

Fees for Return Shipping:

If you deliver items that are not permitted by foreign couriers, you must pay the return shipment expenses laid forth by ShipMeds.

Expenses and duties:

Depending on the items being shipped, the consignee or receiver may be required to pay duties.

Security Procedures:

ShipMeds inspects each item for security reasons before sending it to your destination country.

Customs Fees and Other Expenses:

Customs duties, broker fees, and any other associated costs are the responsibility of the consignee/sender. ShipMeds has no financial stake in them and cannot be held responsible.

Locations of Third-Party Services:

Extra charges will apply in areas where ShipMeds relies on a third party to provide service.

Customer Service:

ShipMeds offers support via social media, WhatsApp, phone calls, emails, and live chat. If you find future updates distracting, please send an email to info@medscourier.com to unsubscribe.

Route of Delivery:

Your packages are transported to the country of your choice via Delhi (domestic pickup).

Charges for repackaging:

Repackaging could increase the weight of the package, resulting in additional charges that the sender must pay.

ShipMeds' Rights:

ShipMeds has the right to intercept shipments that are illegal and file a complaint against the sender.

Information and Privacy:

ShipMeds may ask for personal information and identity documents in order to retain records and deliver them to the carrier business. Customer information is kept private and will not be shared with anyone else without the customer's permission.

Assistance and Delays:

Customs may cause considerable delays in pickups. The expected time of arrival (TAT) of the customer may differ from the actual delivery time. ShipMeds makes every effort to serve the client as soon as possible.

Fees for Transactions:

Any transaction costs associated with payments made through payment gateways must be paid by the customer. ShipMeds has no financial interest in these charges. Customers can use IMPS if they do not want to pay these fees.